4 min read

Continuously deploy a jekyll project with circleci for free

Jekyll and Github Pages is quite cool. But sometimes you don’t want your websites source code public. And sometimes you need some more plugins or custom code eg. for generating index pages of front matter itmes. There are some tools like aerobatic providing continous deployment [there are also free plans]. But I will show you my totally free auto test and deployment setup with Bitbucket and circleci to my private server. Read more …

8 min read

Why I switch from WordPress to Jekyll on GitHub-Pages

Switch from WordPress to Jekyll

First things first, this is not a WordPress bashing or Jekyll hype post. I will just list some reasons why I moved from WordPress to Jekyll. You can do a lot of stuff with WordPress easily. It brings a lot of functionality out of the box and there are tons of free plugins and free themes which you can use easily and do a lot of complex stuff without writing any line of code. Read more …